Southern Lemonade

Southern Lemonade

Want to know why there is a big craze on Southern Lemonade! The problem with main juices on the market is that they are packed full of sweetener which will give the vapor a sweet taste. Now on some juices the flavor could be amazing. The problem is the more sweetener you have in a juice the quicker your coils will get clogged up and burn out faster. With Southern Lemonade is created with No Added Sweetener. Now this was done for two reasons. One is to give the vapor a juice that is not super sweet and as well the lemonade flavor can be easily lost will over powering flavors. Southern Lemonade you can taste the great fruit flavors along with the satisfying taste of lemonade on the exhale. The Second reason is seeing that there is no added sweetener coils will last longer. We have included in this line are:

       Strawberry Lemonade       Peach & Pear Lemonade

        Honey Goji Lemonade                   Grape Lemonade

Blue Raspberry Lemonade                                 Limeaide   


These flavors are offered in MaxVG along with 50VG/50VG.  

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