Selection of Vaporus and Salt Nix now available

Selection of Vaporus and Salt Nix now available

With our strong relationship with Vaporus, OSVS Labs will now as well have a selection of Vaporus e-juice along with there amazing Salt Nix.

Vaporus was one of the pioneers in vaping for eastern Canada. Based out of Quebec, there product are not only sold through out Canada, but all over the world.

Currently we are show casing there number one seller called Do More. This juice is perfect for those looking at making the switch as easy as possible if it you are looking for a really good tobacco flavour.

Vaporus was the first to perfect the art of making Salt Nix in Canada and have been creating flavours that are so good it is hard to describe.  For those that know Vaporus you will find that there is a few all star flavours that they have made into Salt Nix like Swerve Waves and Aether Springs.

So Welcome Vaporus to OSVS Labs website.

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