Rockabilly Shakes

Rockabilly Shakes

A blast from the past where times where simpler with cool cars, drive ins and amazing shakes. Introduction Rockabilly Shakes. All flavors where inspired by the 1950's with names to honored that golden age.

The collection includes:

Let's all twist again with a Strawberry Twist

Peach and Apricot will make you want to Jive

This juice will make you think of Fast Cars and Leather jackets while vaping Grape Lightning.

You will find your thrill on this Blueberry Hill

A combination that tastes really good that you would have never thought off. Banana's and Rootbeer. It is just amazing and is this collections #1 Seller.

So summer is coming and it is time to sit in the sun and enjoy a good old Rockabilly Shake.

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