Frosted Vapes

Frosted Vapes

The latest craze is those looking for menthol for Sub Ohm devices. Till now most menthol's on the market were designed for the 50/50 or pen user which would mean that they are way to thin of a e-liquid or the menthol was way too strong that your toes would turn blue. Introduction Frosted Vapes which is a MaxVG e-juice with just enough menthol to give you a cool feeling with out turning your whole body blue. We have manufactured Frosted Vapes and 8 delicious flavors:

  Arctic Banana Mango is a great refreshing fruit vape with just enough cooling menthol.

Cola Freeze is just like having a ice cold cola right out of the fridge.

Icy Mountain is a soda flavor with menthol that is like vaping a Mountain that is covered in DEW!! if you know what I mean.

Iced Colada. There is nothing like having a Iced Colada sitting on a tropical beach somewhere.

Frostbite Grape. The sweet taste of grape with just enough menthol to make this juice very refreshing.

Syberian Jungle is a sweet tropical blend with menthol that is mouth watering.

Winter Cactus. A prickly taste of Cactus with a blast of menthol.

Freezing Blue Rootbeer. A combination of Blue Raspberry and rootbeer with a menthol hit to cool everything off. This is the #1 selling flavor

Frosted vapes is available in 60ml bottles in either 0,3,or 6mg.

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