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Selection of Vaporus and Salt Nix now available

Selection of Vaporus and Salt Nix now available

With our strong relationship with Vaporus, OSVS Labs will now as well have a selection of Vaporus e-juice along with there amazing Salt Nix.

Vaporus was one of the pioneers in vaping for eastern Canada. Based out of Quebec, there product are not only sold through out Canada, but all over the world.

Currently we are show casing there number one seller called Do More. This juice is perfect for those looking at making the switch as easy as possible if it you are looking for a really good tobacco flavour.

Vaporus was the first to perfect the art of making Salt Nix in Canada and have been creating flavours that are so good it is hard to describe.  For those that know Vaporus you will find that there is a few all star flavours that they have made into Salt Nix like Swerve Waves and Aether Springs.

So Welcome Vaporus to OSVS Labs website.

Frosted Vapes 50/50 Coming Soon

Frosted Vapes 50/50 Coming Soon

With the great success of our Frosted Vapes collection. Our customers were asking for this collection in 50/50 and we listened. Coming Soon Frosted Vapes 50/50. This juice will be available in 30ml bottles and is the perfect blend of fruits and unlike the the Max VG of Frosted Vapes, the 50/50 version the menthol has been kicked up as lower wattage devices like Evods, or Nautilus tanks can handle a higher dose of menthol for that perfect cooling sensation. Strengths will be available in 0, 3, 6, 9, and 18.

Stay tuned to osvslabs.com to be the first to get this amazing collection


Cactus Punch

Cactus Punch

The Lastest edition to the OSVS labs collections. Cactus Punch! This juice will amazing your taste buds with the satisfying taste of Cactus finishing with a mouthwatering Fruit Punch. 


Rockabilly Shakes

Rockabilly Shakes

A blast from the past where times where simpler with cool cars, drive ins and amazing shakes. Introduction Rockabilly Shakes. All flavors where inspired by the 1950's with names to honored that golden age.

The collection includes:

Let's all twist again with a Strawberry Twist

Peach and Apricot will make you want to Jive

This juice will make you think of Fast Cars and Leather jackets while vaping Grape Lightning.

You will find your thrill on this Blueberry Hill

A combination that tastes really good that you would have never thought off. Banana's and Rootbeer. It is just amazing and is this collections #1 Seller.

So summer is coming and it is time to sit in the sun and enjoy a good old Rockabilly Shake.

Frosted Vapes

Frosted Vapes

The latest craze is those looking for menthol for Sub Ohm devices. Till now most menthol's on the market were designed for the 50/50 or pen user which would mean that they are way to thin of a e-liquid or the menthol was way too strong that your toes would turn blue. Introduction Frosted Vapes which is a MaxVG e-juice with just enough menthol to give you a cool feeling with out turning your whole body blue. We have manufactured Frosted Vapes and 8 delicious flavors:

  Arctic Banana Mango is a great refreshing fruit vape with just enough cooling menthol.

Cola Freeze is just like having a ice cold cola right out of the fridge.

Icy Mountain is a soda flavor with menthol that is like vaping a Mountain that is covered in DEW!! if you know what I mean.

Iced Colada. There is nothing like having a Iced Colada sitting on a tropical beach somewhere.

Frostbite Grape. The sweet taste of grape with just enough menthol to make this juice very refreshing.

Syberian Jungle is a sweet tropical blend with menthol that is mouth watering.

Winter Cactus. A prickly taste of Cactus with a blast of menthol.

Freezing Blue Rootbeer. A combination of Blue Raspberry and rootbeer with a menthol hit to cool everything off. This is the #1 selling flavor

Frosted vapes is available in 60ml bottles in either 0,3,or 6mg.



Vaporillo is the perfect juice for either someone making the switch to vaping, or for the one that doesn't want all the vape a cloud chaser makes. Vaporillo is made with 50VG and 50PG which means this is the perfect juice for a pen type mod like a Kanger Evod or Aspire K1 or k2, to the larger tanks like the Aspire Nautilus. This line is not recommended for the Sub Ohm user and works best with tank coils that are 1.0Ω to 2.5Ω which you normally find in the devices mentioned.

Vaporillo comes in many levels of nicotine to appease all level of vapors from the beginner to a person that is looking for little of no nicotine. Strengths are, and 24mg.

There are 6 Great flavors to choose from:

A great Canadian type tobacco flavor which is perfect for the vapor just starting out, to the vapor that is not wanting a fruit flavor.

Is the same as Vaporillo Smooth but combined with menthol.

Vaporillo Menthol is perfect for someone that wants that menthol hit with out having the taste of tobacco.

Vaporillo Extreme Menthol is for someone that wants that freezing winter hit of menthol. This is the strongest menthol all the market that does not crystallize in your tank or bottle.

Vaporillo French Vanilla was designed for the tobacco lover in mind switch tastes like a French Pipe tobacco. This juice is perfect to vape on it's own or combined it with your favorite tobacco juice to give it a nice vanilla finish.

Grape Freeze is for the Menthol lover that would like just a touch of grape with the cooling sensation that menthol provides.

For those that are just starting to vape. The questions on how or what to buy can sometimes be hard to find on the internet. In the way for these juices there is a easy formula to go by to figure out what level you should buy:

24mg - For those who are a pack or more a day

18mg - half a pack a day

9mg   - 4 to 6 a day

6mg   - 3 to 4 a day

3mg   - 1 to 3 a day

0mg   - For someone that has lowered them self all the way down or does not want any nicotine


Southern Lemonade

Southern Lemonade

Want to know why there is a big craze on Southern Lemonade! The problem with main juices on the market is that they are packed full of sweetener which will give the vapor a sweet taste. Now on some juices the flavor could be amazing. The problem is the more sweetener you have in a juice the quicker your coils will get clogged up and burn out faster. With Southern Lemonade is created with No Added Sweetener. Now this was done for two reasons. One is to give the vapor a juice that is not super sweet and as well the lemonade flavor can be easily lost will over powering flavors. Southern Lemonade you can taste the great fruit flavors along with the satisfying taste of lemonade on the exhale. The Second reason is seeing that there is no added sweetener coils will last longer. We have included in this line are:

       Strawberry Lemonade       Peach & Pear Lemonade

        Honey Goji Lemonade                   Grape Lemonade

Blue Raspberry Lemonade                                 Limeaide   


These flavors are offered in MaxVG along with 50VG/50VG.  

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